Districts and Schools

Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District

9707 Cook Riolo Road  Roseville, CA 95747
Phone:  (916) 770-8800  Fax: (916) 771-0650

Antelope Crossing Middle School
Antelope Meadows Elementary School
Barrett Ranch Elementary School
Coyote Ridge Elementary School
Creekview Ranch Middle School  
Heritage Oak Elementary School
Olive Grove Elementary School
Quail Glen Elementary School
Silverado Middle School

Board of Trustees
Holland, Jeffrey Term Expires: 2018
Howe, Diane President Term Expires: 2018
Otsuka, Scott Term Expires: 2016
Pittman, Tracy Term Expires: 2018
Randall, Jeff Clerk Term Expires: 2016
Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services
Ferguson, Jim Assistant Superintendent, Admin. Services Ext. 3020
Chief Business Officer
Van Putten, Roger Chief Business Officer Ext. 3061
Coordinator of Assessment & Accountability
Ferguson, Barbara Coordinator of Assessment & Accountability 916-700-8864
Curriculum & Staff Development
D'Anna, Jane Director, Curriculum and Staff Development Ext. 3041
Director of Human Resources
Toto, Rebecca Director of Human Resources 916-770-8800
Executive Assistant to Superintendent
Cram, Karen Executive Assistant to Superintendent Ext. 3010
Human Resources & Administrative Services
Collins, Tina Administrative Secretary ll Ext. 3015
Robinson, Peggy Administrative Secretary II
Program Specialist- Educational Services
Botwinik, Adam Program Specialist 916-770-8854
Special Education
Martin, Patsy Director, Special Education Ext. 3046
Priley, Brenda Secretary Ext. 3045
Tooker, Brad Superintendent Ext. 3050
Educational Services
Faulk, Sandie Administrative Secretary II Ext. 3030
Styles, Twila Secretary Ext. 3035
Wegner, Sara Assistant Superintendent Ext. 3031
Facilities & Maintenance
Gonzales, Debbie Secretary Ext. 3070
Parker, Misty Secretary Ext. 3065
Schondelmayer, Shaun Coordinator, FMO Ext. 3040
Warfield, Ron Director Ext. 3070
Human Resources
Kettenhofen, Karen Personnel Technician Ext. 3017
LeBeau, Lorna Personnel Technician Ext. 3018
Superintendent's Office
Nielsen, Gina Communications Specialist Ext. 3011
Barnes, Gina Secretary Ext. 3075
Habeeb, Gary Director, MIS Ext. 3075